I was born in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg
After having lived in Brussels and Amsterdam, I moved to Berlin in 2000

EXHIBITIONS (selection)
2018 - 2021 h i a t u s
May-June: participation group exhibition "Ankommen" at Schloss Biesdorf, Berlin
July: participation group exhibition "Freaky Nature", the Ballery, Berlin
September: participation group exhibition at Kulturahus Niederanven
January - February: solo exhibition “Are You Real*?” at the Kulturhaus Niederanven
June: participation Art2Cure, Luxembourg
November: participation Fotonoviembre biennial Tenerife, Canary Islands
May-August: "Earthland" at EY Luxembourg
August-December : exhibition at VDI Berlin
March: solo exhibition "L.o.t." at tete art space , Berlin 
June: solo exhibition at art cube at the Chambre de commerce, Luxembourg
I took an exhibition break in 2014 in order to concentrate on making new work and trying out new things and projects. 
From September 2014 until the end of November 2014 I was at the Cite internationale des Arts for an artists residency in Paris. 

January: participation Art Fiera Bologna with Galleria Paola Verrengia
March: participation group show at Galleria Paola Verrengia, Salerno. Italy
June: solo exhibition Sofitel Grand Ducal Luxembourg
June: participation CAL exhibition BNP Paribas Luxembourg 
November: participation ci contemporary Istanbul art fair with Galleria Paola Verrengia 

January - March: Ministry of culture Luxembourg: exhibition of commissioned works
January: participation at Arte Fiera Bologna with Galleria Paola Verrengia
May: mini-exhibition at Schönlein Strasse U-Bahn station, Berlin
July: participation group show "Sans souci"x at 30links, Berlin
August: participation group show at Galerie M, Berlin
September: participation "Offener Freitag", Berlin 

November: solo show Leslie`s art Gallery, Luxembourg
participation Fotonoviembre, Tenerife, Spain
April / May: show "In der Zukunft war alles besser" at 90-Tage Galerie, Bardenbach
March: show "Un-Veiled" at Argentik, Luxembourg
February: participation Portfolio night, CNA, Dudelange (L)
January: participation at Arte Fiera Bologna with Galleria Paola Verrengia
participation group show at Galerie M, Berlin

January: participation "5 Luxemburger Fotografen" Rotes Rathaus Berlin (Lange Nacht der Museen)
Portfolio Night, CNA, Dudelange (L)
Photobiennial BIP, Liège, Belgium
exhibition MP43, Berlin
participation 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin
July: Solo Exhibitio Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin
November: participation Slick Art Fair Paris, with Peter Wilde Gallery Berlin 

January: Portfolio Night, CNA, Dudelange (L)
March: Portfolio Event Colophon, Luxembourg
June: Group exhibition "5 Luxemburger Fotografen" Luxembourgish Embassy, Berlin
September: Group exhibition "Un peu de Lux", GALERIE Espace G, Strasbourg, France

January: Group exhibition Fundación Mapfre Guanarteme, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
March: Group exhibition "Play again" Galleria Paola Verrengia Salerno, Italy
September : Solo show Leslie`s Art Gallery, Luxembourg
Oktober: Group exhibition "Ansichtssache" Luxembourgish Embassy, Berlin

January: Group exhibition "Roundabout", Luxembourg
March: Solo show Leslie`s Art Gallery, Luxembourg
November: "Fotonoviembre", Fotographie biennial in Tenerife
Group exhibition, Wilde Gallery, Berlin

March: Solo show Fotoshop, Berlin
May: Solo show Leslie`s Art Gallery, Luxembourg 
September: Winner Photography price IKB Bank, Luxembourg

In 2017 I decided to change the way I work and to focus more on the narrative of my work and be less strict with my choice of techniques. I am now working with photography, staged photography, collage, text and video.
In 2012  I had started experimenting with printing my pictures in parts on my home printer and to sew the different parts together to re-create the image. I like the way it allows me to work differently with a picture, to alter it in subtle ways, to physically interact with it. I wanted my pictures to become objects, to work on different levels and I wanted them to provoke people to look twice or even to want to touch the pictures. 
The staged photography that had been the main focus of my work was based on my urge to build the scenes I wanted to photograph from scratch. 
"Technically speaking: my pictures are all of small scale scenes I build.The settings are put together on a table in my studio and I use all kinds of materials to get the picture "right", from little figures used in railway sets to stones and plants I collect in nature, toy cars or parts of broken tools, many things find their way into my photography ... 
After setting the scene, I make a point of getting the light and the colors right during the shoot and not in postproduction. I do this with many different and somehwat unconventional light sources ...

The necessity of building what I want to see comes from the simple fact that I like to create a picture from scratch.
I want it to ressemble what I have in my head, to convey an idea, an atmosphere, a feeling, a vision that I have and that I am only able to express in this way and not in words or any other medium. As much as I like to frame the exisiting world so that it fits my purpose, the actual work of putting everything physically together to create a scene and to color it with light gives me control over every aspect of the process. 

I like most of my works to be printed on a large scale, the objects and figures used for my settings are very very small.."

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