I was born in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg
After having lived in Brussels and Amsterdam, I moved to Berlin in 2000

EXHIBITIONS (selection)
January - February: solo exhibition “Are You Real*?” at the Kulturhaus Niederanven
June: participation Art2Cure, Luxembourg
November: participation Fotonoviembre biennial Teneriffa, Canary Island 
May-August: "Earthland" at EY Luxembourg
August-December : exhibition at VDI Berlin
March: solo exhibition "L.o.t." at tete art space , Berlin 
June: solo exhibition at art cube at the Chambre de commerce, Luxembourg
I took an exhibition break this year in order to concentrate on making new work and trying out new things and projects. 
From September 2014 until the end of November 2014 I am at the Cite internationale des Arts for an artists residency in Paris. 

January: participation Art Fiera Bologna with Galleria Paola Verrengia
March: participation group show at Galleria Paola Verrengia, Salerno. Italy
June: solo exhibition Sofitel Gramd ducal Luxembourg
June: participation CAL exhbition BNP Paribas Luxembourg 
November: participation ci contemporary Istanbul art fair with Galleria Paola Verrengia 

January - March: Ministry of culture Luxembourg: exhibition of commissioned works
January: participation at Arte Fiera Bologna with Galleria Paola Verrengia
May: mini-exhibition at Schönlein Strasse U-Bahn station, Berlin
July: participation group show "Sans souci"x at 30links, Berlin
August: participation group show at Galerie M, Berlin
September: participation "Offener Freitag", Berlin 

November: solo show Leslie`s art Gallery, Luxembourg
participation Fotonoviembre, Teneriffa, Spain
April / May: show "In der Zukunft war alles besser" at 90-Tage Galerie, Bardenbach
March: show "Un-Veiled" at Argentik, Luxembourg
February: participation Portfolio night, CNA, Dudelange (L)
January: participation at Arte Fiera Bologna with Galleria Paola Verrengia
participation group show at Galerie M, Berlin

January: participation "5 Luxemburger Fotografen" Rotes Rathaus Berlin (Lange Nacht der Museen)
Portfolio Night, CNA, Dudelange (L)
Fotobiennale BIP, Liège, Belgium
exhibition MP43, Berlin
participation 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin
July: Solo Exhibitio Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin
November: participation Slick Art Fair Paris, with Peter Wilde Gallery Berlin 

January: Portfolio Night, CNA, Dudelange (L)
March: Portfolio Event Colophon, Luxembourg
June: Group exhibition "5 Luxemburger Fotografen" Luxembourgish Embassy, Berlin
September: Group exhibition "Un peu de Lux", GALERIE Espace G, Strasbourg, Frankreich

January: Group exhibition Fundación Mapfre Guanarteme, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
March: Group exhibition "Play again" Galleria Paola Verrengia Salerno, Italien
September : Solo show Leslie`s Art Gallery, Luxembourg
Oktober: Group exhibition "Ansichtssache" Luxembourgish Embassy, Berlin

January: Group exhibition "Roundabout", Luxembourg
March: Solo show Leslie`s Art Gallery, Luxembourg
November: "Fotonoviembre", Fotographie biennial in Teneriffa
Group exhibition, Wilde Gallery, Berlin

March: Solo show Fotoshop, Berlin
May: Solo show Leslie`s Art Gallery, Luxembourg 
September: Winner Fotography Preis IKB Bank, Luxembourg
If you say that photography is a way of framing the world so that it corresponds to what we wish to see, then I am going a step further by building this world I wish to frame, first. 
Technically speaking: my pictures are all of small scale scenes I build.The settings are put together on a table in my studio and I use all kinds of materials to get the picture "right", from little figures used in railway sets to stones and plants I collect in nature, toy cars or parts of broken tools, many things find their way into my photography ... 
After setting the scene, I make a point of getting the light and the colors right during the shoot and not in postproduction. I do this with many different and somehwat unconventional light sources ...
The necessity of building what I want to see comes from the simple fact that I like to create a picture from scratch.
I want it to ressemble what I have in my head, to convey an idea, an atmosphere, a feeling, a vision that I have and that I am only able to express in this way and not in words or any other medium. As much as I like to frame the exisiting world so that it fits my purpose, the actual work of putting everything physically together to create a scene and to color it with light gives me control over every aspect of the process. 
I like most of my works to be printed on a large scale, the objects and figures used for my settings arevery very small..

Two years ago I began experimenting with printing my pictures in parts on my home printer and to sew the different parts together to re-create the image. I like the way it allows me to work differently with a picture, to alter it in subtle ways, to physically interact with it. I want my pictures to become objects, to work on different levels and I want them to provoke people to look twice or event o want to touch the pictures. 

Apart from my "imaginary photography" work, I also occasionally work with video and text, and I actually like taking "normal" pictures outside of the places I walk through ...
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